Lalala was released March 18, 2017. My goal with this bi-lingual album was to teach Spanish to kiddos and also sooth their ears to beautiful music. It was also my husband and my desire to write children's music that parents can thoroughly enjoy as much as the kids.

Art Work: My husband and stepson sat down and doodled phrases/words from the album and put it all together and came up with this. Simple and cute.



Two of my favorite animals are the Great White Shark and Blue Whale. I geek out over all things Ocean. So I decided to write a song with my stepson, Addison: A little boy name Addison (of course) who met a blue whale named Bluelu and wanted to play. Addison's fear of the ocean held him back, but Bluelu encouraged him to be brave! It's a silly song, but a simple story where you and your little one can imagine together.